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Encontre por ahi este slash de batman y Superman XD esta super bueno!!! espero les guste ahi viene la pag original del comic XD jdsbgdfjgndkjfgnkjd *muere*

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Favorite Friendships
Rachel & Chandler


Favorite Friendships

  • Rachel & Chandler
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Fairly Odd Parents - Tooth Fairy and Jorgen by =theDevil1412

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“Every new country she goes to, she gets colored in. Epic”.

Ahahahaha, Rusia va a DOLER!

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I’m Mr. Sex~

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“Please remember…”

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RICHIE, WHY DIDN'T YOU EAT YOUR CRUST?!!: Live-Blogging Doujins - Yugioh, "Mayonaka Junketsu" (Apparently) »


Alright, here we go:

Oh, okay uh… This looks… Promising.


Click below the cut if you want to hear me babble like an idiot.

Pg 1. “My money runned out”


My first piece of advice to him would be to go and find his money, and ask it why it ran out of the room in the first place. Maybe he…

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Yugioh Doujinshi - Thiefshipping - Color of Life - UltimatePowers - English Scanlated


Series: Yugioh
Pairing: Thiefshipping
Title: Color of Life
Artist: UltimatePowers
Warnings: Young!Malik
Requested: Thank you for 100+ followers!


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